After one year study in business foundation, I have studied Economic, Business Studies, Accounting, CIT and FES. The program emphasises the   research, writing and analytical skills we would need in the university. I was always set on going to university in the UK, and study in Business Foundation I found myself much more capable of university studies. Take a good example, the FES’s main coursework is writing 2000 words assessment, which we need doing a lots of independent research and doing quote. These skills which I have not known how to do it, and it are really important in the university study. My FES coursework’s title is ‘how women role has changed in the family’. The reasons I choose this title is I want know the link between educational qualification and women power. It was really difficult to find useful information in the Google scholar, as has a lot of information and each essay is really long. My main problem during write essay is too much useless information and it is difficult to put each relevant point in the order. However, I use two different highlight mark two side argument, and put them in to order. Then slowly write into essay and put into reference. It takes me almost two week to find all the relevant argument in to order. 


I found the most difficult coursework is Economic 2, which is writing a national report of any country apart from UK.  I did China national report. This coursework is asking the entire student compare the unemployment rate, the inflation rate and national GDP with the past and present, it is open question and has little relation with what we learnt in the class. Therefore, I have to do a lot of self-study. Honestly speaking, during my first one week, I was suffering from sleep deprivation almost every day, because there was just a lot of reading to do and, I had to stay up until maybe 1 a.m. in the morning. And then I would try to stay up during classes the next day, but sometimes I would just like fall asleep during class, too. But that does not happen that often. However, the hardworking has paid off; I got the best student of economic.  More importantly, during the self-studies I found that how the weather change and government policy change has direct effect on stock price, and economic is not independent subject, it has strong relationship with many other subject, such as politic change, scientific development and  climate change.  I really need thanks Mr. Gray who is my economic teacher, because I read economic related book and have many question about it. And he helps me solve many problems and recommend many books to me, helps me build a small economic knowledge system.



During one year study, I have changed the view of business world. Before study in the business foundation, I thought economic is too wider and useless subject, and accounting is only data inputting. However, I found accounting is really useful, essential and important part of business world. Through One term study of accounting, I understand how to use each data calculate profit margin, bad debt and cost margin. These data are important to look at when investor decides whether they will invest or not. Also, through business studies study I understand how to use simple technical to motivate stuff and worker. 


To sum up, although foundation has many coursework and exam, I found it really useful and teach me the research skills which are essential of university study. Therefore, I really enjoy Bellerbys college foundation studies.





My English name is Daisy. I study in the Bellerbys College Brighton at the Business Foundation Programme.  It is all day course, so after lesson I love shopping, watching TV and play computer games. My favourite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, which are comedy TV series and its talk about 4 geeks life in the USA.  Also, I am a big fan of football; my favourite football club is Barcelona. I love swimming, when I swim I feel free and help me release stress. Every day on my way to school I will listen to music; my favourite singer is Taylor Swift.


I do not consider myself as a sport person, due to my poor balance skills. When I have to exercise, I would like jogging. This is good for health and keeps my body fit. In addition, I love reading. Through reading books, I can know other people’s life and learn some skills from it. It is difficult to traveling around the world, but we can easily travel all around the world in the book. It is not only cheap to do, but also convenient.


What I think about CIT course

CIT is stand for computer information science, its new technology and general public basically cannot live without it. I am study in the UK, computer is particularly important to me, not only because I need use it to search information and surfing in the internet, but also I need it to do video talk with my family. Before I learn CIT in the Bellerbys College, the only thing I know with computer is surfing in the internet, and I only know how to using Word and PowerPoint in Office software.  After I learn server lessons of CIT, I know how amazing and intelligent Excel is. I believe these technical I learnt in the CIT are really important when I am start working, because I want be accountant in the future which means I have to know how to use Excel to make a financial report as quick as possible. With Excel, I can use some simple formal to ask it help me get the result, like the sum of something or profit ratio. I did find sixth form is really difficult and confusing at first. However, my lovely classmate helps and teaches me over and over again, I know how to use it right now.



Foundation english

Foundation english study is part of ten compulsory course for Business foundation program.This means anyone who choose study foundation have take three term of english lesson. Although I did not have any choice of what to study, I actually find it really useful.  Thanks to foundation english course, it help me study how to do notes taking, synthesis, presentation and debate skill. These skills are particularly important when we going to university, as we have to read a lot of book and write a essay about it in university. I still remember  the first time I do presentation, I was totally chickened out and scared of speaking out. However after several times practice in the foundation english, I found myself much more comfortable and confident when I do presentation. Nevertheless, I do not appreciate the FES’s exam can not be retake. This is means I only get single time do it. Sometimes I have headache in the one part of exam, this leads directly get bad mark in that exam, but nothing I can do to fix it. More importantly, FES’s course is too general, because we got a lot of student whose mother language and these people can easily get quite high mark. Therefore, I believe it would be better if FES’s exam can be designed more specific.


In China, if I want going to university I have to pass national higher education exam which is consist of six nationally required curriculum.  This giant exam is take three full days, and our score on this one exam literally determines our future. While studying in the Business Foundation programme, I have learnt more about the concepts and details of economics, accounting and business. These give me a unique opportunity to reconsider my university degree choice. Before study at foundation I know a little about what does economic and accounting really are, I even believe business study are almost the same as economic. I really enjoy foundation courses, its emphasizes the research, writing and analytic skills I will need at university. More importantly, the exam of foundation is not only based on one single exam, its also include coursework score. Therefore, this means we have to take every homework and in-class test really serious. Because, average homework and test score are all part of our final score,  single final exam score is only account of 70 percent.  Another good thing about foundation programme is that if our result is lower than the university asking for, we can book another exam in the next term to retaking it.

Foundation Courses

Since I was little, my dreams has changed many times. I could still remember my first dream was to be a teacher, as it can mark students homework and test. Because at that time , I feel teacher can give tick of the homework and it is really cool. However, a little bit later I find that if you want be teacher you have to get up at 6 o’clock, so I gave up.  Then, I went to junior high school and my ideal future work job is become scientist. However, because of my poor physic’s score I have been forced gave up.


When I came to UK, I want study economic in the university as it can help control resources and make people live in a better world. Economist is helping distinguish between needs and wants, help allocate resources. In the economic world, everything its so simple. For example, the prices of a goods has to meet the equilibrium point of demand and supply curve, and firm could change their prices to help them increase the profit due to elastic of demands and supply.

However, after two month study in business foundation I start to think studying economic its not practical and the topic is too vague and general. Especially the world its still in the recession, its already difficult enough to find a nice and well-paid job. Then, my accounting teacher said something really change my mind. Her said, accounting is the language of business daily life,the importance of it like the role of math in science. Through financial report we can easily find the operation problem and what should be improved, and all this problem is showed in simple numbers More importantly, accounting is really practical and can find job both in recession and boom period. Therefore, I choose applied accounting & finance in the university.


Easter Holiday

Week 1

In the Easter holiday, I have been to France with school for seven days ski trip. The places that we are going to ski is called Les Arcs which is not far away from Geneva, but its actually in France churchyard. It is really beautiful, and to be honest, I have never learn ski before and I was born in a warm city. I never saw that much snow. So it is not too difficult to guess how surprised I am when I saw snow is everywhere. Everything is curved by snow and its really soft when you touch. However, because our flight is 6 o’clock in the morning which means I have to get school at 3 o’clock to meet everyone else and travel by bus to Gatwick airport. So first day in Les Arcs the feeling I have is tired. Next is the unfortunate part, because I feel so tired and I am too comfortable with my sense of equilibrium, so I fall over in the snow and a person who is behind me is skiing. He could not manage to stop, so I was hit and my glass is broken and cut into my face. I was totally freaking out. However, luckily my glass only cut the skin and I only loss some blood.
Week 2

When I come back from France, I got cold feeling really bad. So my friend who is called Effy decided come to Brighton visit me. She is my best friend. We know each other since junior high school, and currently she study at Liverpool university.  When she come, I do not know what happened I just stop sneezing and feel much better. We are decided going to Cambridge. In China there is really famous poet who is called Zhimo Xu have been to Cambridge study literature for two month and written a poetry for Cambridge. It is called ‘ Saying goodbye to Cambridge  again’ and I can still remember the first line of this poetry ‘very quietly I take my leave, as quietly as I came here’ . Its kind of sad song, in Cambridge he has met his dream girl who knows everything he was talking about ,however he was already listen parents suggestion married with some unknown women.However, It is not surprised that dream girl decide leave him and Xu is so hurt and decide go back to China. ‘Saying goodbye to Cambridge again’ is been written at that time. Because of this we really want go to Cambridge, and there is a stele of this poetry in the King’s College. I found Cambridge really quiet and unsophisticated. These all make me regret I did not put all my focus when I was in AS. I wish I could study at Cambridge for my master degree, cause I really love there.